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Lip Spa Kit

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Product Description


A duo of conditioning treatments for soft, smooth and hydrated lips in a handy, reusable, transparent cosmetic purse made from eco friendly, 100% biodegradable TPU.

Designed to create a quick multi-sensory DYI spa experience at home for lovers of natural and conscious beauty and for those who struggle to break the dry lip cycle.

The Lip Spa Kit is 100% natural, vegan, toxin free and made from food and includes a bonus bamboo applicator.

What's inside?

The high potency Vitamin C Lip Nectar™ hydrates and softens lips primed for natural colour. This non-greasy, delicious golden nectar flows effortlessly on lips, feels healing and hydrating, making lips soft, supple and smooth. The quartz roller ball adds to your self-care ritual with its healing and restorative properties.

Supergreens Lip Scrub™ is a botanical cocktail to replenish parched, dull lips and help reduce fine lines whilst re-invigorating natural colour.

Who's it for?

With on-trend ingredients like chlorophyll, sea buckthorn and marine (seaweed) collagen and being vegan, plant based and synthetic free, the Lip Spa Kit will be a well received gift for all ages. The cosmetic purse can be used to store products and other makeup so the gift lives on well beyond the festive season.